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I didn’t think I’d do another one today but, well, here we are

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you’ve got the magic to set me free (a drarry fanmix) | listen

heart of nowhere noah and the whale | bigger scars make better stories search the city | can’t stop lovin’ you my girl friday | like a million lights this love | cheap shots the classic crime | you’re a god vertical horizon | warpath ingrid michaelson | saving grace crash kings | you got me ingrid michaelson feat. storyman | lovers breakdown hannah georgas | you and me parachute | happily ever after he is we | someone to fall back on i can’t go on, i’ll go on

a-tardis-at-downton asked: "Do you have Drarry fic-recs for someone who might be interested and curious? :)"


a-tardis-at-downton Hmmm yes actually! Let me pull up some of my recent favorites. these are all multi-chaptered. I think the last one is the shortest but the second to last is almost 100k if you are feeling adventurous

On A Clear Day by Sara’s Girl -this is probably my favorite of all the recent ones I’ve read tbh

also by Sara’s Girl that i really enjoy:

Salt on the Western Wind which takes place directly after book 7. Like directly like the next sentence (not including the epilogue)

she also has some 200k-300k epic fics which I haven’t read but I’m assuming are good

At Your Service by Faithwood- this fic is SOOO good, it’s basically like an 8th book. It has a huge ensemble sort of cast thing going on- basically everyone in Hogwarts is involved. And it has a sort of books 1-3 mysteries-inside-Hogwarts sort of feel. REALLY GREAT but really long

Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain also by Faithwood- a shorter sillier sort of eight year fic. REALLY cute

anyone who wants to add anything feel free to reblog


Irresistible Poison by rhysenn- this fic is SO OLD like it’s literally 13 years old. CLASSIC love potion story from before book 5 even came out. NGL, I haven’t reread it in years so idk if it holds up. But this was my all time favorite as a teenager.

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I’ll misbehave if it turns you on
No Mr. Right if you want Mr. Wrong
I’ll tell you lies
If you don’t like the truth
I don’t wanna be bad
I just wanna be bad enough for you

Bad Enough For You - All Time Low

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