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ankylosaurus asked: "Hi tifah! I've had a really bad week and it would be really cool if you sent me pretend boyfriends ficrecs? Thank you!"


Awww hey hun, sorry to hear that ; u; hope your days get better!!

not sure if you’ve read these?

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femininus asked: "i forgot to add the character!! dystopia and draco malfoy"


Draco had always thought the world would end by Voldemort’s hand. He’d thought Voldemort omnipotent, more than capable of snuffing out everything and everyone with just a wave of his wand. He’ll admit, he was a little impressed when the muggles turned out to be the ones to end it all.

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Oh Memories
Where’d you go?
You were all I’ve ever known
How I miss yesterday
How’d I let it fade away?
Don’t fade away

Memories - Panic! at the Disco

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remuslcpin asked: "drarry 12?? omg :D"


12. writer and editor au

Pounding echoed throughout Harry’s house, and Harry groaned and burrowed himself deeper beneath the covers. Maybe if he didn’t answer it, he’d go away. He should’ve known better. He winced when he heard his door fly open with a resounding crack, then slam shut viciously. Footsteps pounded up the stairs and Harry pulled his pillow over his head. His bedroom door flew open and a sharp, pissed voice demanded, “What the hell are you doing?!” 

Harry groaned in response. 

Footsteps marched over to him and his pillow was ripped away. He turned indignantly to glare at the blonde, then promptly wished he hadn’t when his eyes met Draco’s stormy gray. Fury shone in those orbs like a tornado. 

"Your deadline is tomorrow. Tomorrow!" Draco seethed. "And you still haven’t given me the last chapter! Get the hell out of bed and write it now, Potter!" 

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ankylosaurus asked: "Hi tifah! I've had a really bad week and it would be really cool if you sent me pretend boyfriends ficrecs? Thank you!"


Awww hey hun, sorry to hear that ; u; hope your days get better!!

not sure if you’ve read these?

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Oh, won’t you stay with me?
'Cause you're all I need
This ain’t love, it’s clear to see
But darling, stay with me

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lesbianglinda asked: "ok so now i'm awake for real!!!! and i can tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY ILU SO MUCH AND YOU'RE A GROWN UP NOW EVEN MORE THAN YOU WERE YESTERDAY ISN'T THAT WEIRD!!!!!! i hope you have a great day bb and i'jm sorry i didn't finish your fic in time but I WILL FINISH IT SOME DAY and it'll be yours. but instead of finishing it i headcanoned for you instead cause it was easier. so here you go, i hope u like it and it makes u laugh: <3"


imagine harry and draco like JUST having started dating, maybe just a couple of months ago, and they’re getting to know each other and getting more comfortable with each other and kind of falling in love already and the sex is great and harry is really impressed that draco has such a way with words??? like he can dirty talk harry into a sweaty shivering pile of mush without even having touched him and harry feels embarrassed by it but lets face it he loves it. and draco starts sending him these

little sex notes, like to work and to his apartment when he’s not with harry, and they’re all really hot and dirty and filthy and make harry really hard and it sort of always ends with harry not replying, but quickly apparating to draco’s with the crumpled note in his hand, and sexy sex ensues. but secretly harry is trying to figure out a way to do the same for draco; he wants to be hot and sexy too!!!! so he sits one night after a particularly sexy message has reached him (and draco’s working

the nightshift at st mungos so harry couldn’t even go see him so he had to wank instead) and fiddles with a quill and a piece of parchment, wanting to put down something SO SEXY and SO DIRTY that draco just HAS to rush to him for a fuck RIGHT NOW, but he seriously can’t think of anything. so he reads through his favourite notes of draco (yes he kept them, we both know harry’s a loser and a sap like that) and there’s this one that really makes him blush and squirm in his seat bc it’s so

fucking hot, it’s about draco fucking him HARD and making him scream and bruise and beg, and it’s descriptive and precise (and when harry went to draco’s place that night, it was actually EXACTLY what happened), and harry wants to write something like that but he’s not really sure how. so he sits there for like ages trying to come up with something and he keeps thinking about draco’s cock and how delicious it is and how much he loves giving head to him, and inspiration strikes and before he

knows it he has sent his owl away with a little note and draco frowns when he gets it and excuses himself to go read it somewhere private, and when he opens it his eyes just kind of budge out bc all it says is ‘i’m gonna suck you so hard your entire cock’s gonna become a giant blue hickey’ and draco cringes and imagines it and almost feels the pain so he has to cross his legs in discomfort and he’s just so embarrassed for harry’s awful seduction skills and then comes note number two: ‘((or i’m

sorry i mean not a GIANT hickey, you’re not that big, it’s just gonna be a sort of reasonably sized hickey, really, don’t worry))’ and draco groans out loud bc now it’s even WORSE and he just sits there fuming in anger for a while bc harry has NEVER complained about his size and most of harry’s toys are even smaller than him so he knows harry’s not much of a size queen and honestly its not like he needs to hear he’s big to feed his ego bc he doesnt care about that but still what the FUCK ‘sort

of reasonably sized’ like what even IS that?? so he tells his boss he’s feeling squeamish (which isn’t even a lie at this point) and he apparates to harry’s flat where he very angrily and very firmly flips harry onto his stomach on the couch and proceeds to plow him hard with his very not reasonably sized cock, and harry just moans and babbles out all kinds of size queeny things about how thick he is and that he can feel him all the way up to his throat and draco is sort of okay again and

then he’s ENTIRELY okay after that when they cuddle and harry can’t stop talking about what an amazing surprise that was and that he had NO IDEA his dirty messages could turn draco on so quickly and so much and how proud he is of himself for turning draco on to the point where he just HAD to dash over to harry to fuck him hard, and draco just hasn’t the heart to tell him the truth bc lets face it harry is his adorable little power bottom and draco doesn’t want that to ever change, so

he says nothing and lets harry think he did a good job and it’s all okay again (until harry, proud of himself, sends the next ‘dirty’ note a couple days later. draco actually does yell at him that time)

this took so long to collect all the messages oh my god but i’m just??? this is literally harry tbh this is my baBY i can’t stop laughing god bless everything he’s such a loser and draco is everything ???? wow

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